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Pediatric Sleep Consulting Services

I work in partnership with Rockabye Rockies Sleep consulting. We offer individualized sleep plans customized to your child's unique needs and developmental abilities. Working with ages Newborn to 6 years old. We are dedicated to helping families solve their child's sleep issues.

For more information on packages and pricing or to schedule a 15 minute get acquainted call please go to our website at:

Image by Mohammad Ali Jafarian

"When people ask us if Emily is a good sleeper we gush about her 10-11 hours straight sleep a night and tell them all about Jamie's sleep training at 5.5 months. It really was life changing to us in that moment. And Emily is so happy in her crib now. She goes to bed smiling and wakes up chatting to herself. She hasn't had a bad night's sleep since September. I could go on and on - I told friends who have kids about our experience with sleep training and it changed how they were handling night times".



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