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Jamie has been an integral part of our family for over a decade. We’ve weathered the most serious of family tragedies over those years, and Jamie has been a steadying force through all of it. If your family is lucky enough to welcome Jamie into it… you’ll soon wonder how you ever got by without her. She has a nurturing yet guiding influence on children—from infants to teenagers. She also can offer (if asked for) a wealth of advice to parents on the practical matters of sleep, meals, naps, transitions, school, and more. Jamie is an expert in raising kids to be good humans… and will always leave your house better than it was when she arrived.

-Derek, Father of 4

As a mother of three, I have had various postpartum experiences.  After my third, and final, birth I had the good fortune to employ Jamie Bergren; her assistance, care, and support eased the transition of a new child into our family.  She is highly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced with newborn care.  I was able to confidently turn my new baby over to her.  She fed, bathed, swaddled, soothed, and diapered so I could have some time. She was excellent with our other children.  She made them feel that there was someone there for them also.  When my little one slept she took the time to straighten up and helped with the little tasks that can feel so overwhelming in the beginning.  I highly recommend Jamie, she is consciences, warm, steady, unflappable, reliable, down to earth and loving.  She will make the difference in your first couple weeks.

- Jennifer, mother of 3

"Jamie walks into our home and knows what needs to happen...  she knows how to read the room, she knows if I need a break from baby care, or a clean kitchen, or help with the older children...or just a chance to talk and be listened to."

- Beth, mother of 4


My family and I have worked with Jamie the past two weeks doing sleep training for my 2.5 year old. Jamie was very easy to work with and made it very easy to understand what steps we needed to take next to help our daughter sleep through the night. Jamie is very sweet and caring and showed she cared about the well-being of our daughter. She gave us good insight and good ideas to try with our daughter. I highly recommend Jamie as a sleep coach. 

-Danielle mother of 3

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